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How Much Money Can A Registered Nurse Make?

If you are reading this I assume you might be thinking about going into the nursing field. So you will obviously want to know the figures involved in a registered nurse salary. A nurse's income can vary widely depending on where you live but with that said, it is a fairly well paid job.

What qualities do people who become nurses possess? Above all there is a desire to help others, even when doing so requires hard work and sacrifice. Beyond that, someone considering a career in nursing should be interested in the sciences, such as biology and chemistry, as well as comfortable with adapting to new technologies. Aside from these intellectual and academic attributes, being a good nurse requires certain other, less tangible, qualities as well, including good interpersonal skills, the ability to stay calm in a crisis, patience, and leadership. A person with all these traits and interests is much more likely to make a good nurse than one who lacks them.

Coming in at a very respectable 15, the nurse anesthetists were represented in there as well. Here's where the money really starts to climb. A nurse anesthetists salary, in the United States can rise up as high as one hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars a year. And that is just for the median. Some nurse anesthetists can make as much as two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars in a single year!

I remember while I was in college I contemplated the idea of being either a teacher or a nurse. Then I remembered that as a registered nurse RN, I can be a teacher (clinical educator or high school health science teacher) and get paid triple the money. Secondly, nursing is a secure job. When I graduated (which was during the crashing of the economy) many of my friends who were not nurses could not find a job after graduation.

The standard program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After graduation, some will want to stay in school in order to earn a Master's degree, which opens up new opportunities to work in certain specialized fields. It is also possible to continue on and earn a Doctorate, but this is mainly for those who wish to focus on research or to teach a new generation of students, rather than working in the field.

Graduation is not the final step in becoming a registered nurse, however. The new graduate must also pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX. Passing this examination signifies that one is capable of working as a professional nurse. Of course, even then, there is a good deal left to learn about the world of nursing. However, this will come primarily through on-the-job training. Nurses should also expect to attend continuing education courses from time to time in order to keep their skills current in the ever-changing world of medicine.

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