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california nursing jobs:Cal Jobs and Private Employer Jobs in California

Shortly after I graduated from nursing school my husband and I got married. After a three day stay at a southern plantation style bed and breakfast in south Georgia, we flew to California where we were to spend the next week in Lake Tahoe. It was then that I discovered my husband is "Geographically Challenged." He booked us a flight into Los Angeles thinking it was somewhat close to Lake Tahoe. It's not. We ended up driving all day from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Sacramento then to Lake Tahoe. The trip was draining, but beautiful.

There's also a hot new area called legal nurse consulting. Yes, like what the name says, it's a nurse who works as a consultant. Legal nurse consultants LNC work with attorneys who handle medical cases such as malpractice lawsuits. Here's where a nurse's professional, on-the- job experience comes in.The california nursing jobs advise lawyers on medical procedures and terms, according to what actually happens, example in a hospital. Or insurance companies may hire them to work as in house consultants. Did I say this job is lucrative? Good consultants can demand $150 per hour rates, and you get the freedom that comes with being a freelancer.

You can also become a travel nurse. For those who do not want to be stuck in one place or say if you're in Texas and want to live in California, a travel nurse job might just be the ticket for you. Nurse staffing companies are always recruiting registered nurses for positions across the country. They will not only find you a job but also take care of relocation matters such as housing as well as your other benefits. Travel nurses make a good salary.

Nevertheless, one lady reports that she found a sales position on a well known commercially run online Cal jobs board a couple of years ago and it did not turn out well. She got hired but the position was completely misrepresented and she ended up leaving. She finds the general household name job boards to be a waste of time and prefers the specialized sites and networking. This seems overly critical of a good resource. How about MPUG. MPUG's job board typically features between 400 and 700 jobs at any given time, all having to do with project management. The quick tour gives you a rapid insight into the features of the job board that can benefit your next job search as an employee. However, this is a benefit available only to current members of MPUG. (In fact, you won't find the link anywhere on the site unless you're logged in as a member.) Also in the future, MPUG says they will show you how to exploit the Career Center and we presume Cal Jobs, as a hiring manager or employer.

When you visit and sign up to any california nursing jobsbe sure to set up an email alert of new jobs fitting the criteria you specify, in fact in MPUG you should choose the Job Alerts tab, then fill out the form. The Alert Name allows you to specify a title for a specific type of search alert, such as all jobs in a given locale or that include a particular keyword in the job description. Once you're done setting up the alert details, click "Create Job Alert." Each alert will be included in a list that appears at the top of the page.

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